10 Character Snippets in 140 Characters or Less – Part 4

Since no one actually pays attention to me on Twitter, I started posting Random Snippets of Dialogue from stories that I will never write. That morphed a bit over that initial 10 posts to something slightly more interesting to me – Twitter-sized character studies. In effect, short stories of 140 characters or less. This is the fourth bunch of 10 that I have posted so far.

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As an avowed atheist, married to a beautiful and crazy woman full of religious faith, he felt that God in his home was a necessary evil.

To him, she was harmony and melody. Rhythm and lyrics, refrain and chorus. She was the bridge that got him back home. To him, she was music.

The clouds and rain clung low on the mountains. She thought of these as Kong Island Days. On these days she expected miracles and disasters.

“I am King Carnivore,” he thought as he methodically dipped the processed chicken meat-nugget into the generic off-brand BBQ sauce.

He was a true American Renaissance Man. He had no real artistic, business or athletic talent, but family money made up the difference.

As the Senior Pan & Scan Engineer he made sure to schedule that jerk Ronnie on the Michael Bay films and himself on the Wes Anderson ones.

When it came to bridge burning, she was a cross between William Holden and Alec Guiness in Bridge On The River Kwai, all purpose and madness.

He would only brush his teeth if there were a 95% chance of kissing a girl. His understanding of cause and effect was minimal.

His front snap kick was explosive. His shadow palm strike invisible. Still, at 5 years old he lacked 100 lbs before he approached deadly.

They said he lived in and on the Spectrum. They used both terms interchangeably, but there was a difference. In it was jail, on it was hope.

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