Producer of Filmed and Live (Music, Comedy and Corporate) shows/events, Ben’s career has been pretty evenly split between film/video production and Technology Sales & Marketing. He has worked closely with such Fortune 500 clients as Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Intel and more as well as many Small Businesses. He is on the Board of Directors for the Gangrene Comedy Film Festival (currently going on its 17th year in existence), created and produced SLC Nerd, an annual gathering of Utah Creatives and Genre fans, and in his spare time strives to help grow and diversify the creative opportunities in the local Utah arts scene. Most recently he was Managing Partner and Chief Strategist and Director of Client Services for mediaRif, a Creative Marketing Agency based in Kaysville, Utah.

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    • Maud, you are awesome, and I truly love your blog. I am always excited to see what you have written when the alert shows up in my email. Feel free to connect with me broadly on the web-o-sphere (always with the username JobFaust on FB, or Twitter, or Tumblr, etc).

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