Hail To The King — In Honor of Elvis Presley’s Birthday (01/08/1935)

I still have an Elvis documentary inside of me struggling to get out.

Back when I thought I still had a shot at a career in the movies, I outlined a documentary that would have had recreations of his death based on the various theories that were floating around… Okay, okay… theories that I imagined were floating around.

I was originally inspired by a documentary about the death of Bruce Lee that speculated on multiple ways in which he really could have died as opposed to that crazy insane story about the blood aneurysm that was given to the press.

Here is my recreation of how he assumedly spent his last moments:

The True Story Behind The Story Of The Day The Music Really Died


The front page of LIFE MAGAZINE fills the screen. We pull back slowly to reveal TWO SETS OF CHUBBY FINGERS on each side of the MAGAZINE holding it up.

The hands that own the CHUBBY FINGERS begin to shake. This causes the MAGAZINE to shake and then jerk down and out of screen.

EYES like blue velvet appear widening in surprise and then darken to black as we start to pull slowly back.

THE KING’s face is reddening with strain and alarm and as we pull back and widen our view he starts to move forward keeping pace with us, slowly.

We can now start to see that we are in a LARGE, WELL APPOINTED BATHROOM, covered in gold and silver, back lit and opulent.

THE KING (strangled cry)


THE KING’s hands reach out to each side — the right hand grabs at the EXPENSIVE TOILET PAPER DISPENSER, the left hand knocks over a PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA SANDWICH sitting on the sink counter.

We are pulling back quicker as THE KING falls forward faster.

THE KING (pleadingly)

Mama… Colonel… Priscilla…

We pull up and look down as THE KING sprawls lifelessly across the ITALIAN MARBLE TILED FLOOR.

The SANDWICH is next to his outstretched left hand, his right hand grasped tightly around both his COLLAR and the end of the TOILET PAPER ROLL.

The ROLL itself continues to unravel like fog trying to fill the frame.

His SEQUINED BLACK VELVET PANTS are bunched down around his feet and his WHITE SILK SEQUINED SHIRT drapes back modestly across his bottom.

Our upwards pull starts to spin as we hear yells and running footsteps in the background and we:


The other theory had him getting attacked by an Army of Ninjas on a passenger train on his way back to Graceland from Vegas.

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