6 Key Tactics To Managing Creatives In Real Life

I am probably not gaining many new friends by making fun of all of the sunshine and rainbows memes about creatives that are flooding the internet these days, but I seriously cannot stop. That is why in this installment we look at the best ways to manage creatives in real life.

Following in the giant-ish footsteps of The 7 Real Signs of Creative Peoples and 8 Business Adages For Better Businessing, may I present to you: 6 Key Tactics To Managing Creatives In Real Life.

1 – Allow them to decorate their office space however they want

Embed from Getty Images


2 – Provide free sodas, food, and trendy bottled waters

Embed from Getty Images


3 – Research their favorite music so you can pretend to have something in common

Embed from Getty Images


4 – Let them win an argument once in a while

Embed from Getty Images


5 – Never, ever question their creative vision

Embed from Getty Images


6 – Always have a back-up creative ready to go just in case

Embed from Getty Images

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