10 Short Stories in 140 Characters or Less – Part 2

Since no one actually pays attention to me on Twitter, I started posting Random Snippets of Dialogue from stories that I will never write. That morphed a bit over that initial 10 posts to something slightly more interesting to me – Twitter-sized character studies. In effect, short stories of 140 characters or less.

This is the second bunch of Random Snippets, but the first bunch of Short Stories. 

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She kept a fire burning for him. Not metaphorically like a modern woman would, but a real fire befitting the real cave woman that she was.

He thought that tact and tack were the same thing, and took as compliments the many times he was told that he was tactless.

She argued sincerely the merits of the Marx Brothers over the Three Stooges, having never actually watched anything by either.

“Tell me what you want baby. What do you need,” she demanded breathlessly. “Freedom. For my peoples,” Moses gasped gruffly, ecstatically.

He aspired to direct the biggest box office dud of all time, which he planned to blame on a misplaced CG light source in one camera shot.

“Everyone deserves to be loved,” he thought, remembering that languid afternoon with Sarah wallowing in the mud, dressed as plushie pigs.

The desire to respond welled up before him like a neatly laid out serving of fresh shit in front of a teased and harried chimp at the zoo.

He graduated top of his class in Management School. A school in which, unfortunately, the primary text was Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

As a newly elected freshman politician, he knew this was his chance to never have to work a real job ever again, but he had to move fast.

She loved Christ fervently and all that her parents raised her to revere. She also loved premarital sex equally and saw no contradiction.


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