10 Short Stories in 140 Characters or Less – Part 3

Since no one actually pays attention to me on Twitter, I started posting Random Snippets of Dialogue from stories that I will never write. That morphed a bit over that initial 10 posts to something slightly more interesting to me – Twitter-sized character studies. In effect, short stories of 140 characters or less. This is the third bunch of 10 that I have posted so far.

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As a Physicist, he believed that all existence was information and should be shared openly, except that found in his Facebook chat logs.

At heart he was a Stand-up Comic, which was funny, he thought with a self-satisfied smirk, since Stand-up Comics had no hearts.

The word “delicate”, when said by her, lay gently in the air between them, making his heart race and his mouth dry, aching to repeat it.

Someday her Prince would come, she just knew it. And he would be anemic, and inbred, and pale with bad teeth, but a Prince nevertheless.

He spent the most joyous moments of his life chasing alongside of speeding trains. He had no idea what would happen if he ever caught one.

She had been depressed only twice in her life. Once for 8 years, and another time for 12.

As an Academic with many advanced degrees, he believed his taste above reproach, which is why he continued to listen loudly to Taylor Swift.

The more her husband was away, the more she hid alone in the garage where she would clog dance until her shoes filled with blood.

His good looks not getting the results he hoped, the next step in his charm assault on the fairer sex would be a red and sporty convertible.

His future was dependent upon friends and family that he could either exploit as a supportive downline or alienate as ungrateful hangers on.

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