The 7 Real Signs of Creative Peoples

I have long wanted to wade into the deep and murky waters of Internet Meme List Making. Working in an actual creative industry for what I like to define as a Creative Agency, the recent rash of lists on what defines a creative person really jumped out at me, and I decided to dive in head first. It also gave me the chance to test out Getty Images new policy of letting blogs embed their images for free for non financial purposes, which I think is a very cool initiative on their part.

So, without further ado, may I present to you, based on my experience working in Advertising/Marketing (and considering myself a partial creative as well), the Top 7 Signs that define a real and truly creative person.

1 – A total outward lack of interest in anyone else’s project while internally a wailing howling banshee of jealousy.
Embed from Getty Images


2 – The inability to focus on the current project unless a screaming yelling deadline is barreling down.


3 – The complete and utter confidence that their ideas are the only correct ideas in any given situation.
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4 – The pure belief that one’s inability to sleep at night is due to an active and healthy creative id, as opposed to the endless supply of liquid caffeine during the day.
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5 – The willful choice to believe that all of the Emo/Hipster music that is listened to is not technically Emo/Hipster music.
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6 – The assurance that the ability to make things up on the fly is actually a carefully cultivated skill that takes many years of work to develop.
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7 – The belief that expensive, thick framed glasses are not a carefully researched buying decision, but a random hurried purchase that happens quickly post eye-exam.


8 – The uncanny ability to make numbered lists seem somewhat creative.

5 thoughts on “The 7 Real Signs of Creative Peoples

  1. Fantastic!
    And pleased to know that I might still have some active creative cells bumping heads in my brain.

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