#IAmTheYellowKing – Failed Meme Creation Attempt

Every once in a while I try to tackle the big wide social world all on my own and create a meme. I have failed to have any kind of impact whatsoever. Every single time. Here is my latest attempt – a short series of tweets tied into the True Detective Yellow King back story.


Time is a flat wheel, and Life is a George Foreman Grill. #IAmTheYellowKing #TrueDetective

Welcome to Carcosa, we only have Comcast, and streaming Netflix is against the law. #IAmTheYellowKing #TrueDetective

Time is a flat wheel, only at Carcosa Toyota. Easy Financing, no money down (blood signature required). #IAmTheYellowKing #TrueDetective

KRCS, Carcosa’s only easy listening station. That was Steal Away by Robbie Dupree and next is Steal Away by Robbie Dupree. #IAmTheYellowKing

Tonight Lovecraft High meets Yellow King High in a rousing game of Academic Jeopardy. Losing team feeds the fishes. #IAmTheYellowKing

I ordered a Flatizza at Subway just to watch them make it. #IAmTheYellowKing

Tonight, don’t miss legendary comedy duo Hart & Cohle at the Carcosa Chilis Open Mic. Comedy has never been so serious. #IAmTheYellowKing

1 – tenderize wings mercilessly, 2 – season liberally, 3 – burn in hell, 4 – drown in bbq sauce. #carcosabuffalowings #IAmTheYellowKing

This week’s community arts and crafts lesson will be “Twigs for fun and profit – making crowns and other ominous objects.” #IAmTheYellowKing

Just remember that in the mean streets of literary Carcosa, symbolism doesn’t necessarily mean clues. #TrueDetective #IAmTheYellowKing

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