My Thoughts On The Dark Knight Rises In Six Tweets

I think these six tweets from opening day pretty much sum up all of my thoughts on the movie The Dark Knight Rises.


Dark Knight Rises – Nolan totally nails the ending, does anything else matter in it?

I mean Dark Knight Rises was a lot of fun, but it doesn’t approach near the level of Dark Knight. #tdkr

The ending of Dark Knight Rises wasn’t the ending we deserved, but it was the ending we needed. #tdkr

If Inception was about making movies, then Dark Knight Rises is about making franchise blockbusters. #TDKR

Batman/Wayne is Nolan. Bane is the fanboy audience, Miranda Tate is the studio, Officer Blake is Zack Snyder. #TDKRasmetaphor

I think the biggest disappointment of #TDKR is that Batman Hand to Hand combat ability has not improved much beyond ’90s era Tim Burton.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Dark Knight Rises In Six Tweets

  1. I still love that whenever the two pupils of Ra’s al Ghul fight, it amounts to barroom brawling. And now Matt Damon is going to be in Nolan’s next one. :(

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