#EndofWorldConfessions – Twitter

For those of us that have been patiently waiting for 12-21-12 to get here so we could get it behind us, the big day is almost here. In celebration I tweeted with a hashtag. I apparently don’t have a lot I feel compelled to confess. Here they are.


Though I find BoingBoing interesting, it has become increasingly arch, reactive and shallow lately.

I really wanted to like the Hobbit more than I actually did.

I only pretended to watch Seinfeld regularly when it was first on.

I like conservatives more than I do liberals, even though I tend to agree more with the latter than I do the former.

I think the deification of Joseph Campbell hurt modern storytelling more than anything since the Spanish Inquisition.

I used to buy Marvel Comics regularly on my LDS Mission to Italy and told everyone it was to help my language skills.

When I was a 7yo I faked an eye exam so I could get Clark Kent glasses – I was diagnosed with Lazy Eye in both eyes.

I like puns.

I named my youngest child (@niklausfuller) after Santa Claus.

I also named my youngest child (@niklausfuller) after an imaginary character in a scene from the movie The Sure Thing.

I firmly assert that the Schwarzneggar Total Recall was all a dream, but the new one is just flat out boring.

I think that if she didn’t smoke and wasn’t married to what’s his name, Kate Beckinsale would be almost perfect.

I am ambivalent about the end of the world.

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