My Top 5 Semi-Random Things I Believe To End 2020 (in no particular order)

What a year, amirite? The kinda year that makes you rethink what you believe.

End of World 2020 or 2021? Best Doomsday Predictions

Anyways, here are roughly five random-ish things I have been thinking as we draw this trip around the sun to a close.

  • Whoever is in charge and calling the shots is always the Empire, no exceptions.
  • AI Aglorithms are the third seal signifying the end of times and that horse is way outa the barn.
  • Charlie Sheen and SEO were the first and second seals.
  • Paul Newman was never better than when he was Cool Hand Luke.
  • Funny is never not subjective.
  • Funny is always appropriate.
  • We all deserve to have at least one Pattie Boyd in our lives.
  • Everyone should get to be a Pattie Boyd at least once in someone else’s life.

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