My Top Five Favorite Superhero Shorts (in no particular order)

Like most of you, I love superhero stuff. I see all the big budget, big screen movies, and I give all the small screen TV shows the old college try. But I also love the online stuff.

Screw the Raimi suit, the only suit that matters is Italian Spiderman :  SpidermanPS4

And if it is funny, even better. So, in that spirit, here are five of my favorite online video type shorts. With Superheroes!!

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Remember this one? It is still an all time favorite and catapulted Felicia Day into our hearts. It was made back when Joss Whedon was one of us, before we found out he was just another big time Hollywood type that used his position of authority to meet hot young starlets and cheat on his wife. Who would’ve guessed? But we still have NPH. And we will never have to worry about him breaking our hearts by getting caught In Flagrante Delicto with some young up and coming female starlet.

Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society

I stumbled across this one in the early Aughts on YouTube and it instantly became the funniest thing I had ever stumbled accidentally across on YouTube. It still ranks up there pretty high. I even became friends with Jack, the star of the short, on Facebook for a while – until I realized that he didn’t even know who I was after three years of social media friendship and I felt embarrassed about it. So, I unfriended him. This is still super funny though.

Dragon Baby

Patrick Boivin is this awesome French Canadian Animator/Filmmaker that creates amazing shorts. You have definitely seen some of his stuff, and if you haven’t – isn’t it about time that you did. This is my favorite, if only because of how perfectly he recreated a child’s body through a mix of clever practical effects and some smart green screening. Here is his YouTube Channel – do yourself a favor and spend some time on it:

Bicycle Repairman

Monty Python…. ‘Nuff said?

Italian Spiderman

Italian Spiderman is by far my favoritest Superhero short. Ever. In the history of ever. If only they could bring him into the MCU? I would settle for a cameo reference in a Spider-Verse film. He is truly a hero for our world. Relevant, swarthily attractive, full of sex appeal a President could be proud of.

Ciao, bebe.

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