My Top 5 Guys I Would Totally Get With If I Were Gay (in no particular order)

Gene Wilder

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother Blu-ray Review | High  Def Digest


Ricardo Montalban

30 Surprising Facts About STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN You Didn't Know -  The Geek Twins


Sidney Poitier

Una película al día #102: “Adivina quién viene a cenar esta noche” (1967) |  35 milímetros


Gene Kelly

Tom and Jerry: 80 years of cat v mouse - BBC News


Tristan (the Delta Flight Attendant that made me move to a different seat because of the lady with the two broken legs that needed my booked seat, but offered to get me free drinks the entire flight to make up for the inconvenience)

One thought on “My Top 5 Guys I Would Totally Get With If I Were Gay (in no particular order)

  1. I know that the first random guy that you listed is Gene Wilder… but before I read the name or saw his face, my eyes were drawn to… well… the EYES of Marty Feldman, then Gene Wilder.

    Were I to go only with the information provided by the images, I’d think that you might be entertaining the fantasy of a threesome with Feldman and Wilder—and that you should have said “6 Guys” instead of just five.

    Ricardo Montalban was a good-looking man… and he bears a striking resemblance to my Dad (especially in his later years) so he is definitely NOT on my list.

    Everyone you’ve listed—with the exception of Poitier and the flight attendant—is deceased. So, would your preference be for young Poitier or present-day Poitier (still living as of the writing of this comment)?

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