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(I take a serious back look at the next 200 years)

In the early 21st Century, the Executive Orders Civil War was launched by Donald J Trump shortly before dying in office from an Apopletic Stroke.

After that, the office of President switched back and forth every four years from one party to the next with each new incoming President reversing all the previous Administration’s Executive Orders with new Executive Orders.

This lasted through the early mid-Century when the Singularity went fully online, including everyone that could afford to upload their consciousness – leaving behind the middle class, but taking Facebook and Twitter with them.

It was called the Social Rapture.

MySpace, being the only game left in town, made a huge come back and people spent their days in the meatspace world sharing streaming music and arguing over the best full decade of music to ever exist until the Katie/Taylor Wars escalated to physical combat and decimated what was left of civilization.

Meanwhile the Rich and Famous lived in a virtual world where they were constantly adored and worshipped by a society of blank-faced Sims created to agree with them.

In the end, in New Virtual America, it was impossible to tell the Sim Followers apart from the Virtual Rich and Famous Leaders.

Towards the end of the 21st Century, Earth was hit by a medium sized meteorite plunging the world into a minor Ice Age, and destroying the Elon Musk Solar Batteries powering the processors hosting New Virtual America, turning everyone into useless code.

Climbing out of the rubble of a frozen people-less world, artificially intelligent DMAC Takedown Alogrithms (hosted by Elon Musk Solar Powered Self-Driving Teslas) became the dominant lifeforms and immediately began issuing takedown notices to each other, while trying to build a robust economy based on Creative Commons content readily available for untracked resale.

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