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(I take a serious back look at the next 200 years)

In the early 21st Century, the Executive Orders Civil War was launched by Donald J Trump shortly before dying in office from an Apopletic Stroke.

After that, the office of President switched back and forth every four years from one party to the next with each new incoming President reversing all the previous Administration’s Executive Orders with new Executive Orders.

This lasted through the early mid-Century when the Singularity went fully online, including everyone that could afford to upload their consciousness – leaving behind the middle class, but taking Facebook and Twitter with them. Continue reading

Flash Fiction Story: Upload Complete by Ben Fuller

(This is a short flash fiction story that I have been trying to write for the last year. It is kinda my epistle on the Singularity.)

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“Upload complete.”

There was a smattering of applause, but he was unable to determine the source.

“Nice work, team.” Different voice. Louder. Closer? Familiar. “Let’s run some checks and see if he is there.” Continue reading