10 Twitterable Short Stories in 140 Characters or Less – Part 5

I have an uneasy relationship with Twitter. In effect, no one actually pays attention to me there. In response I started posting random bits of dialogue and descriptive text. I am now on my fifth installment of 10 snippets. The previous four can be found here, here, here, and here.

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He was a Jew and she Mormon, but she had faith that the sheer weight of “True Love” and her cultural heritage would win out in time.

At age 2 she watched “Jurassic Park” endlessly, but by 5 empathy had entered her world and with it, conflicted feelings about dinosaurs.

He got angry whenever someone called him a sociopath. The fact that he got so angry he could kill should be proof enough that he wasn’t.

She was forever grateful to Mr. Sebastian Templeton Kittysmythe, for teaching her that the anthropomorphization of humans was the real sin.

“I would give all that I have,” he thought, “just to have in return slightly more than I have now.”

His understanding of Atheism allowed him to be both non-believing and in charge of the local Ghost Hunters chapter without any conflict.

A long time faithful vegan, the bag of leftover bacon tempted him like he was Eve in the Garden salivating over Satan’s red, red, red apple.

“I already am perfect,” she said, staring deeply into his eyes. “The extra bits of me are all bonus, baby,”  her second head added amiably.

The reason she was equally drawn to teen RomComs and violent Gangster dramas was a longing for a “16 Candles” remake by Martin Scorsese.

By abdicating his seat on the City Council and becoming a club DJ, he thought of himself as this generation’s Edward VIII.

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