#ComposerCondoms – July 2011 (Failed Meme Creation Attempt)

Every once in a while I try to tackle the big wide social world all on my own and create a meme. I have failed to have any kind of impact whatsoever. Every single time. Here is my personal favorite attempt that gained zero notice on Twitter, and only made a little blip on Facebook when I reposted it to a Fan Page I administrate there for a local weekly comedy show that I produce.

If you are inspired by this one, then I invite you to pile on in the comments. I mean, only if you want. I mean, I don’t care. I am good if you don’t want to. It’s no biggie… Honest…

I have arranged these back into the order in which they were originally tweeted:


I just think a series of prophylactics named after great composers of the past would be awesome. #composercondoms

Also Sprach Zarathustra, baby… – Strauss Maximums #composercondoms

Salieri – when good enough is what counts. #composercondoms

Wagner brand – It’s not over till the fat lady sings… #composercondoms

All you need is love, and a box of Lennon’s. #composercondoms

Semper Fidelis – Semper Sousa. #composercondoms

Gershwin’s – Rhapsody in Blue (synthetic lamb-skin). #composercondoms

Boom Boom Boom Booooooooom – Beethoven’s from Walmart. #composercondoms

The John Williams Condom – filling those quiet spaces with bombast since 1958. #composercondoms

Fanfare for the coming man – Copeland Extra thins. #composercondoms (too far that time? ok, I’m done for the evening)

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