#FarmvilleInHell – July 2010 (Failed Meme Creation Attempt)

Every once in a while I try to tackle the big wide social world all on my own and create a meme. I have failed to have any kind of impact whatsoever. Every single time. This is one of my early attempts, though not the earliest – the Twitter API only lets you recover the most recent 3200 tweets, so everything before those are effectively lost for now.

These tweets are in the order they were originally tweeted on July 11, 2010:


So here’s a question, if I developed an FB game that was like Farmville, but it was a Farm in hell – would you play it?

Your only saleable crops would be kumkwats or broccolli. Mostly you would be rewarded on the harvest of broken spirits.

Your only choices for farm animals would be Mick Jagger and Keith ichards. Ron Wood on rare occasions. #beastsofburden

You would be bonused for visiting neighboring farms and holding dark rites intended to raise the Old Ones like Cthulu #farmvilleinhell

The Star Wars prequels special edition DVDs would be the only decorations available for your farm houses. #farmvilleinhell

Lindsay Lohan and Gary Busey would be universal neighbors for everyone. And 10% of your farm revenue will go to their bail #farmvilleinhell

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