My Motley Manifesto


I don’t believe in God, but fully expect that to change the closer I get to dead.

I don’t believe in Karma, but see no harm in trying to live my life as if I do.

I don’t believe that organized religion is responsible for the worst atrocities in history.

I do believe that unscrupulous and self-serving men have used the desperate need of our species to believe in something to gain power and authority for themselves, and that organized religion is low hanging fruit.

I believe that politics are the new organized religion.

I believe that applying the familiar and loose language of faith to science is not doing any good for anyone. Science is a precise process dependent upon observable and tested data. Faith is belief in something hoped to be real, but without any observable or tested data. One is the study of true/false, the other is the hoped for feeling of being beyond true/false.

I believe that man-made global warming exists, but I don’t think that it is the primary threat to the world. Earth will be fine, with or without us.

I believe that the word “evolution” has taken on new, unintended meaning – meaning in which there is upward and sentient forward growth. I believe instead that all life and existence is iterative. And that the universe iterates from one moment to the next based on all of the exerting pressures of everything else that immediately surrounds it. And that we are a happy accident of iterations due to these chaotic, universal pressures.

I believe that there is a literal-ness that has entered into our cultural psyche that isn’t backed up by reality/facts, and that that impacts our ability to think or act creatively as a society.

I believe that more than 50% of my brain is now in the cloud (Google, Wikipedia, FB), rather than immediately available in my own head.

I believe that the price of true freedom is accepting the fact that the things you hold most precious, dear and sacred will be made fun of and reviled by others.

I believe that is a fair cost.

I believe that, for the most part, people will ultimately make the choices that they think are in their best interest, whether those choices are actually in their best interest or not.

I believe that “peoples is peoples. No is buildings. Is tomatoes. Is peoples. Is dancing. Is music. Is potatoes. So, peoples is peoples.”

And I also believe that you should all strive to have a Happy and Safe New Year.

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