Short Story: Space, Time, And Rock-N-Roll (or Galactic Request Line)

( I wrote this circa 1985. I wanted to write comics, so thought it would be a good idea to try to write something that would fit the format. I submitted it to a couple of anthologies which I liked at the time and received some luke-warm interest, but nothing concrete. Just stumbled across it when I was digging through my storage unit for an old manuscript for something else. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I am told that it is the thought that counts.)

Side view of Black and Red Space Craft in Action in Space with two Planets

Page 1

Panel 1: Establishing shot of a  well lit deep space outpost. There are a few stars in the background, the probe is small and all alone, the portholes are all lit up brightly, too. There are also a couple of musical notes floating around, apparently coming from the probe.

“Way out on the edge of space and time….”

Radio Announcer:
“Hey ho, this is your ol’ buddy, Captain Sock Fever, DeeJays to the Spaceways, coming at you with both heads in top form, rockin’ all the way across the universe, and remember…”

Panel 2: Interior of outpost. Small cramped cabin, the lone passenger sitting at control panel, large computer display panel behind him, his head is turned slightly to listen to the radio. He is preparing to strap himself into his seat. A small portable high-tech radio is visible in  every interior shot from now.

Radio Announcer:
“….our ultra-light speed request line is always, I repeat, ALWAYS open. So, why don’t you give us a call and dedicate a song to that special something.”

Panel 3: Passenger, from behind but he is now turned sideways so it is really from his side, sitting with legs up on panel talking into handheld transmitter mic, musical notes dancing around in the background. The stars are visible on the other side of him through the bridge window in front of the control panel.

“Whoa, my baby AlphanDewang-a-nang,,,”

“I would like to request ‘comin; Home’ by Pacebiscus, and dedicate it to my Martial gal Xr’nip from Bob.”

Panel 4: Overhead shot of passenger strapped in, musical notes still floating in the the background. A countdown is coming from the control board. The Passenger has a broad, pleased smile on his face.

“I’m gonna’ bop to the Milkyway shuuffle…”

Control Board:
“5… 4… 3…2…”

Panel 5: Exterior of ship floating dead in space, musical notes coming from it, but now there are no lights in the port holes, and the rest of the ship is no longer well lit.

“he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’s…”


Page 2

Panel 1: Interior of ship. Things are all kind of dark, the passenger is hovering over the transmitter. Smoke is floating about and obscuring the computer off to one side. Musical notes are partially obscured, too.

“I ain’t got nobody…”

“this is Galactic Outpost 4565-32456-19183746 requesting help and rescue.  Ship malfunction. I repeat…”

Panel 2: Lights in the ship are on, no more smoke. Musical notes are still floating around. Passenger is seated with face in hands, his hair is a little thinner maybe, a little bit grayer.  A processed dinner sits untouched in front of him

Panel 3: Exterior of ship. It is fairly well lit, but not quie as well as lit as the very first panel on Page 1. Musical notes are still floating around.

“I’m leaving on a nuclear powered, long distance, sub-space shuttle…”

Radio Message from Transmitter:
“Galactic Outpost 4565-32456-19183746, this is rescue base Zero-Niner-Zip-Fiver. Message received, we’re on our way. Hang tight, Bob.”

Panel 4: Exterior of ship again, but now there is a second ship next to it. It is the rescue ship and it is docking. the outpost is even less well lit than before, but there is still some light in the portholes.

Radio Announcer:
“Hey, hey!! guys, gals and what-nots! this the ever rockin’ Sock Fever and we got ourselves a request. This is for a little Martian cutie named…”

Voice from Inside Rescue Ship:
“Good thing we can go ultra-light speed now, or we never would have gotten here this fast.”

Panel 5: Interior of ship, rear view of passenger. He is sitting in his chair, faced away. His hair is very gray. There are a lot of shadows here, and it is kind of dark.

Radio Announcer:
“…Xr’nip. Hope I pronounced that one right. hahaha, and it’s from her true love, Bob.”

Panel 6: Interior again. this shot is from in front of passenger, still in the same position as before. It is still kind of dark and shadowy. Behind him a lighted passageway is visible and the silhouette of a man can be seen against the wall.

The passenger is now just a skeleton, there is an almost sad smile on his skull/face, and what appears to be a tear in his eye socket. Musical notes are floating about, also.

“I’ll be coming home to youuuu-hooo-hooo…”

Rescue Guy in Passageway:
“Hello, Bob? Are you  alright? Bob?”

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