Wedlocke: A Short Film Script by Ben Fuller

(Short film script I wrote about 10 years ago. I have tried on several occasions to film it – even to the point of casting and going into production, but I just haven’t been able to capture it the way I see it in my head.)

Fade in:

From black fade in to blurry gray to white with blurred black streaks.  Focus onto white with sharp black jags, sound of crunching snow and heavy breathing….running.

Cut to:

Int. of Snow covered forest.  Day.

The camera is dodging through the trees, close to the snow covered ground, roughly following two pairs of boots as they run through the maze of wood.

The second pair of boots stumble and the person fallls sliding to the ground.  The boots in the front slip forward and that person falls backwards jarringly down, as well.

Both people are face down in the snow, their arms stretched out towards each other, their wrists handcuffed together.

The person who fell first, a WOMAN in her mid-thirties and suburban, raises her face up slowly from the snow.  Her hair is disheveled and she is distraught, her eyes pleading and apologetic at the same time.  She begins to speak:

I’m …………

The other person, a MAN in his mid-thirties and suburban, also, gives her a sharp look of warning.


The forest is quiet.  There is the sound of a light wind and then in the distance a crash, then as we whip pan the surrounding trees we hear a howling/screaming sound.  It is an aggressive cry.

The MAN scrambles to his feet and grabs her shackled hand with his.

C’mon, it’s coming, we gotta keep moving!!

The WOMAN tries to climb to her feet, she is obviously exhausted and in a lot of pain.

I don’t think I can!!!

The MAN looks around in exasperation.  The WOMAN is in near tears.  He helps her to her feet and starts walking/shuffling with her as quickly as he can.

They start through a heavily thicketed part, branches are blocking their way as they push through as fast as they can.


They both stop in their tracks, standing perfectly still, ears turned slightly up as they listen intently.  The sound is not repeated.  As they start to relax:


– another louder crash comes right next to them.

The race is on again.  This time we are focused on their faces as we run through the woods all willy nilly helter skelter.

The WOMAN trips again, and smashes to the ground.  The MAN slides to a stop and tries to help her up.  He is looking around wildly, to see if they are safe.

Get up!!! Hurry!!!  It isn’t safe!!!

The WOMAN is nursing her twisted knee and sobbing.

I can’t.  I’m sorry, I can’t……..  I just can’t……

The MAN stares at her for a second then looks at their shackled wrists.  The skin is rubbed raw for both of them.

There is a howl off in the distance.  This one is followed by another howl, one that is closer.

We have to go.  Now.

She looks up at him, her eyes dark.

Then go.

There is another howl, and a crashing noise.  It is getting increasingly closer.

The MAN looks at their wrists, searches for the origin of the howling noises and crashing sounds and then back at the WOMAN.

You better go.

There is a large weather beaten rusted axe laying on the ground next to them.  The WOMAN closes her eyes, lays her head down.

You better go.

His hand reaches for the axe………

Cut to:

Int.  Dining Room.  Suburbia.  Day.

The WOMAN is standing in the doorway.  The MAN looks up from the paper that he is reading at the table.  His breakfast dishes in front of him.

You better go.  You’ll be late.

She smiles at him and walks over and hugs him from behind.  He sits perfectly still.  She gives him a kiss on the cheek and then picks up his dirty dishes and walks towards the kitchen.

At the kitchen door she stops and looks back at him and smiles mischievously.

Unless you want to be late……..

She leaves the offer unsaid in the air and disappears into the kitchen.  The MAN smiles and folds the paper carefully and lays it on the table in front of him.

Cut to:

Int.Forest, Same as before.

The MAN has the axe grasped in whitened knuckles.  The WOMAN looks up at him from the ground and smiles at him mischievously.  He stares intensely for a second and then smiles back.

We gotta go.

The axe drops back into the snow.  The MAN and WOMAN limp off into the trees.


Cut to:

Int. Kitchen, same as before.

The man rises from the table and picks up his jacket.


The WOMAN pokes her head out from the kitchen.

Gotta go.

She nods at him.

I love you.

She smiles and he exits.  She stares after him for a second.  A far off look in her eyes as we dolly in.

Cut to:

Int.Forest.  Same as before.

They are shackled together.  The howling is all around them.  She is no longer hurt, the man is twisting about with fear in his eyes.

Gotta go, gotta go, can’t stay!!!

Be calm, be calm.

The MAN tries to run for it and pulls her along, but he stops and tries to go another direction, unable to decide.  The WOMAN sees the axe on the ground.

Smash cut to Black.

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